Live Review: The Pretty Visitors at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth – 04/01/19

What’s the best way to kick a year off with a bang? Go and see four bands you’ve never seen before, maybe even never heard of yet alone listened to and get blown away by it. The Pretty Visitors kicked off their year by organising a night of some of the best, local rock n roll bands which were set to play the Edge of the Wedge but after rapidly selling this out it was upgraded to the main room, 400 capacity Wedgewood Rooms.

Calum Lintott is someone I’ve been meaning to catch live for a while and had only heard good things about. The last time I saw him in any capacity was supporting Teleman at Lennons, Southampton back in 2014 as part of Brother Goose! His solo, acoustic set was full of powerful indie, sometimes rock, sometimes pop tracks. Lintott even included a few covers ranging from Cyndi Lauper to Creedence Clearwater Revival making them his own and were great choices fitting his style perfectly. The only problem during the set was the ongoing issue of people talking over his, and the other bands playing. And loudly. If you’re going to go to gigs just to talk over the music, just go home, stick a CD on and talk over that because you’re not welcome.

An impressive mixture of rock n roll combined with punk and indie rock was up next from Gosport quartet The New Shoes. The band exuded a certain attitude and it was a refreshing, professional but also raucous live performance. Although various band members had swapped instruments due to their drummer being ill and unable to perform, you’d have never have guessed.



The Edit are your typical lad-rock, wannabe brit-pop rockers but unlike others they lacked the misplaced swagger that’s normally off-putting. From the word go they’re the kind of band that you know are going to drop a cover of either Kasabian, Stone Roses or Oasis cover somewhere in their set and that’s exactly what they did. Covering The Stone Roses – Waterfall towards the end of their set wasn’t their finest moment as it lacked the energy from the rest of their performance and they failed to make it their own. However, the rest of their performance was lively and clearly went down well with the crowd from start to finish.

To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t heard of The Pretty Visitors until a few weeks back and I’m honestly not too sure how I’d missed out on them. From the word go it was clear that they’re, excuse the unintentional pun, a pretty big deal opening with supercharged ‘It’s Not Easy’. Tonight is the band’s biggest show to date and you’d be surprised, a venue of that capacity fit them like a glove. The band played a jam-packed 15 song set brimming with tracks new and old including tracks from their latest EP ‘Sittin’ Pretty’ for example ‘Run which has its epic moments and also ‘Seaside’ which ends up quite anthemic. They also squeezed in a cover or two including Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood and Arctic Monkeys – Fake Tales of San Fransisco whilst changing the lyrics to fit Portsmouth more aptly. The Pretty Visitors guitar, riff-driven, energy-filled rock n roll antics lasted for the duration of their diverse set and the crowd certainly approved.

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