Let’s Take Five: An interview with Hallan!

We first came across Hallan when they supported Arcade Hearts at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth back in September. The band have quickly made a name for themselves across the city and the surrounding areas as one of the most “to see” post-punk upstarts locally. Having just announced their latest single ‘Fish Frenzy’ and a slot headlining Icebreaker Festival next year, we thought this would be a great chance to chat with the band about the future.

Hallan - Fish Frenzy

Hi there! Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce Hallan:

Hello there. I’m Conor from Post-Punk/Sludge band Hallan. We’re based around the South coast of the UK, born and just about breathing within the grey streets of Southsea, Portsmouth. A mutating, acidic mess of four youthful individuals finding our way in the world. From different backgrounds and of different taste, we come together to create Hallan. A raucous sludge like wall of sound that slips into your eardrums making you somewhat rather uncomfortable. We hope so.

Your latest single ‘Fish Frenzy’ is released tomorrow! Can you tell us more about the track?

The basis of our new track stems from my personal experiences in a somewhat neighbouring city. No one should ever have to be ashamed of where they come from let alone have their place of residence ridiculed to their face. Middle class superiority is alive and well and I’ve spoken to it, in this track I sing to it. There’s nothing more agitating than those who are ever so slightly out of touch with the feelings of struggle and the grounded reality of modern Britain. This track is aimed at those who feel they have the nerve to look us in the eye and tell us they’re from somewhere better as they take a hit from a bong that their parent’s money bought them.

What was the original spark which encouraged you to start creating music as a band?

Music has always been a big part of us. For a while me and our other guitarist Josh jammed and played about with the idea of a band but it never really happened. I started making music myself and then one by one we all appeared in the right places at the right time and the group was there.

There’s definitely a movement happening within music right now. There’s a whole generation out there that are full of frustration and seething aggression and we aim to channel as well as represent those individuals. Right now is a time to be honest and take to the stage with no mask in hand. We want to present society with an honest, unfiltered representation of what it’s like to be an emerging adult in a world that seems to have no idea what to do with you.



You’ve just been announced as one of the headliners for Icebreaker Festival 2019 at The Honest Politician! What should we expect from your performance on the evening?

We weren’t told that long ago about the announcement ourselves and we’re thrilled! We played the festival only earlier this year to a small crowd in one of the smallest venues, so to be announced as a headliner less than a year later is bizarre. Portsmouth, whether we like it or not, is our home and where our fans are. To play to them as always is a pleasure and privilege.

We don’t have any gigs booked (locally) until then, so it will be a big one for sure. Our sound is always evolving alongside our live performance so we never know what we’re going to be playing ahead of time but we can promise we’ll do everything we can to expel every fiber of frustration and angst from our bodies during the performance.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming gigs and what have you got planned for 2019?

2018 has been overwhelmingly kind and enlightening to us, and we hope for even better things in the new year. After this single release, we have no real gig plans until Icebreaker, however we’re already in the process of organising the next studio session.

We’ve really hit Portsmouth hard this year, so we want to get out there into the further parts of the country and present our show to everyone we can, especially up North. We’ve been told great things about the music scenes up there and we love the passion the North has for Post-Punk music. But until we know for sure, our schedule is pretty open.

Until then we hope the single resonates with you in some way and if you’re young and lacking in sense of purpose just know so am I. Indulge in frustration with us.

We’d like to thank Hallan very much for their time! You can check out their music below and their latest single ‘Fish Frenzy’ will be out tomorrow. You can also find Hallan via the social media links below.

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