Live Review: Teleman live at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth – 8th October 2018

Monday night marked the third time that I’ve seen Teleman in Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth over the past five years and in short, they just get better every time. The first time was when they supported Maxïmo Park back in 2014 where they had hecklers shouting because they didn’t like their track ‘Cristina’. The second time people kept asking for that track in question right through their set! And then last night, they played it to a pretty much packed out venue. But back to Monday evening, Teleman were supported by C.A.R. and it was an evening that shouldn’t be forgot.

C.A.R. opened for Teleman bringing self-described “off-kilter, electro pop” to begin the evening. It was the first time out of all the times I’d been to Wedgewood Rooms that I’d seen one person own the stage and captivate the crowd with an electronic set up. It worked surprisingly well and C.A.R.’s set was a perfect compliment to Teleman.

I hadn’t listened to Teleman‘s new album ‘Family of Aliens’ as much as I’d have liked pre-gig but as soon as they opened with ‘Fun Destruction‘ and ‘Family of Aliens‘ sandwiched around ‘Tangerine‘, the tracks felt just at home. Teleman’s set was career spanning also including ‘Repeater‘ taken from their EP ‘Fünf’ which was released last year.

The band were more talkative than normal which was quite refreshing with various quips between songs. Commenting on the excessive fog in the venue, frontman Tom Sanders exclaimed: “I’m so used to turning around and Hiro (drummer) being there. Does anyone know where the fuck he’s gone? Oh, he’s checking his e-mails”.

The only Teleman song I genuinely don’t like is ‘Submarine Life‘, the first single taken from their latest album. I didn’t get the use of auto-tune, it doesn’t work and wondered if it’d go down better live. There was some improvement but the track just isn’t for me. There was also a lack of live favourites such as ‘Skeleton Dance’ and ‘Glory Hallelujah’ but with the addition of many new tracks taken from their last EP and new album ‘Family of Aliens’, surprisingly they weren’t missed until afterwards.

Returning after the encore they began with the aforementioned ‘Cristina‘ which offered a brief, and only, mellower point in their set. This was before erupting into raucous crowd-pleaser ‘Not In Control‘ to finish their set. Of the various times I’d seen Teleman in the past, this was most definitely my favourite.

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