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The imminent return of Interpol has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time, but the long-awaited return of the band finally arrived last month. June didn’t just mark a new single, but an album announcement and gigs. ‘The Rover‘ is taken from Interpol’s sixth album which is set for release on 24th August.

It’s a track that very much fits the title of this feature. Despite it having the blueprint of a very stereotypical Interpol track, it still manages to blow fresh air into you. ‘The Rover’ itself manages to go beyond the majestic-ness of their previous album ‘El Pintor’ with a more barebones but nevertheless fuller sound.

The video for ‘The Rover’ was released just two days ago and was directed by Gerardo Naranjo. Speaking of the video, frontman Paul Banks has said: “I like to describe the video for ‘The Rover’ as a prequel. It’s the origin story of the character described in the song, the birth of a cult leader. When we meet him he is partly unhinged. He’s a man on the verge, an artist subjected to great pressures, and beset with existential frustrations. A distracted hipster who enjoys psychedelics, let’s say.

The events that take place in Mexico City, be it a bump on the head, a visit to a shaman, or the influence of his rescuers (the street gang known as ‘Los Locos’) trigger the birth  the eruption  of this new figure, ‘The Rover.’ His rescuers become his first followers. 

In the end of the video he exacts his ‘revenge’ on Interpol with a mischievous act of disruption during the press conference. He grabs me by the head – to save me? Forgive me? Or simply as a gesture of his new independence – the butterfly becoming.”

Last week we caught Interpol live at BST Hyde Park supporting The Cure and you can find various photos from the gig on our Instagram.

“That’s enough for excitement today”? If it involves Interpol, never, especially following this return.

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