Fresh: Go March – Chop Chop

I’m not normally into tracks which go beyond the 5 minute mark because I find they start to drag on. The thing is though very, very occasionally you will come across an absolute gem a long track which doesn’t even start to get monotonous. It’s a rare occurrence though and the last time a long track came along that was so good I could keep it on repeat it was Tame Impala’s ‘Let It Happen’ which nearly hits the 8 minute mark.

Antwerp’s Go March have just released a 9 minute long instrumental track which is so fun that you can’t help but want to listen to it again. ‘Chop Chop‘, living up to its name, is a speedy, uptempo piece of music which contains snappy moving melodies and rumbling synth basslines. It’s an electronic-psych-disco fusion which starts off with static like noises and evolves into an urgent, even frantic, organised chaos with space elements. It’s danceable yet fast enough to get you motivated and through the final part of this boiling Friday afternoon.

‘Chop Chop’ is the first track taken from Go March’s new album ‘III’ which is set for release on 28th September.

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