Live Review: The Slow Readers Club @ Islington Assembly Hall – 25th May 2018

October Drift @ Islington Assembly Hall - 25th May 2018Last week marked the return of The Slow Readers Club to London for their biggest headline gig to date. Surrounding the release of their top 20 album ‘Build A Tower’ last month, the band have relentlessly toured up and down the country. The second to last gig of the stretch in support of the album release took place at Islington Assembly Hall. Supporting the band on the night were another favourite of ours, October Drift and it was a gig not to be missed.

October Drift have a ferocious energy which is infectious and the band opened the night very much with a bang. It’s never a dull moment when this band’s around, and anyone who’s not seen the band before won’t know what’s hit them. The band quite literally throw themselves into and through their tracks including latest single ‘All Broken Down’ as well as other favourites, ‘Cherry Red’, ‘You Are’ and more. The stage is never big enough for October Drift, with front man Kiran Roy ending up in the crowd and across the other side of the room to complete one track mid-set.

Following an interlude of various 80s tracks, The Slow Readers Club approached the stage opening the gig with two new tracks, ‘Lunatic’, the debut track from the new album and also ‘Supernatural’, both in which prove popular already.

The Slow Readers Club @ Islington Assembly Hall - 25th May 2018

The gig was heavy on the new tracks, but understandably so with tracks such as ‘On The TV’ and ‘You Opened Up My Heart’ fitting like a glove amongst older tracks. There were a few hiccups throughout the set including a mix-up of tracks mid-set and technical issues, but it only made the performance human. The only downside (depending on your view, probably not a downside for the band!) was that you could hear the crowd over the vocals at times.

Speaking of the crowd… One thing that’s noticeable about The Slow Readers Club’s gigs is actually their fans. For a band of their size, the dedication of their fans and what seems to be quite family-like unity between the fans and band is admirable.

Shunning the standard encore in favour of playing more songs and not wasting time, specifically saying that it’s “a load of bollocks”, the band carried on straight through. The gig ended up with them playing a fan-favourite trio of ‘Cavalcade’ and then ‘I Saw A Ghost’ before ending up on ‘Forever In Your Debt’. The gig saw a triumphant return to London for The Slow Readers Club and it certainly won’t be the last.

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