Track of the day #418: Heroes In Hiding – I Live For You

Heroes In Hiding are a Dublin based alternative quartet whose debut album ‘ACTOR’ is set for release on 25th May. The latest cut from the forthcoming album is ‘I Live For You‘ which is an uplifting rock track with hints of electronics, bumbling, snappy synths and general catchiness throughout. It’s enough to make you want to hear more, although clocking in at exactly three minutes, it feels like it should carry on a lot longer. All the more reasons to listen to it more than once though!

Speaking of the track, the band have said: “It’s a love song addressed to the narrator’s online version of themself. It examines the phenomenon of social media, and questions the authenticity of a person’s online persona as opposed to their day to day selves. Sonically it uses synthesizers to evoke the false nature of social media and samples camera noises to give the listener a sense of its narcissistic core. Influence was taken from the works of Arcade Fire, Talking Heads and David Bowie”.”

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