Album Review: Hinds – I Don’t Run

Hinds have an admirable way with garage-rock creating something rather unique, yet effortless with their lo-fi approach to music which is just plain charming. Although in saying that, there certainly isn’t anything plain about their music. The Madrid based band’s latest album ‘I Don’t Run‘ shows the band confirming their place as a solid force in the current garage-rock scene.

The Club‘ is a fun, energetic track with the bands trademark nostalgia stamped all over it but with hints of melancholy here and there. This continues on through the more laid-back ‘Somberland‘ that develops on to become a sing-a-long track with a “call and response” vocal delivery adding to the fun side of the track. The well thought out conversation-like vocals are trademark to Hinds sound and the album would be lost without it.

New For You‘ and ‘Rookie‘ are disheveled with punk-ier aspects thrown in for good measure. ‘Tester‘ starts off as a slow-burner before erupting into something lively with attitude. It’s captivating side is boasted when the track is stripped back towards its urgent, frantic outro. This continues on throughout ‘Finally Floating‘ with conflicting vocals and harsh vocals clashing until they can’t anymore. Ear-worm melodies dominate ‘I Don’t Run’ from start to finish and this is especially the case on ‘To The Morning Light‘.

‘I Don’t Run’ is a perfectly flawed, caked with summery, feel-good vibes and tinged with an exotic flair. It’s chaotic where it needs to be without going overboard and it’s relaxing in just the right places. The harshness of Hinds sound is like Marmite, you’ll either think it’s great or it’ll grate on you. Regardless of your stance on their sound or where you’re listening to it, the album will leave you craving impromptu road-trips or warm evenings by the beach, both surely the desired effect.

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