Track of the day #395 – Team Picture – (I Want Your) Life Hack

Taking a fuzzier, sharper, even edgier turn than previous track ‘(I Have A) Little Secret’, but still keeping the brackets up in the name, ‘(I Want Your) Life Hack‘ is the latest single from Team Picture. Concise, to the point and very much nimble, the track is industrial in ways, experimental in others but nevertheless builds into something huge. The more you listen to it, the more it’ll start to stick to you at glue due to it’s super catchy vocal delivery in the choruses and mechanical guitar riffs throughout. ‘(I Want Your) Life Hack’ is also complimented by a super gaudy video which you can watch below.

Speaking of the track, Josh from the band has said: “this is a Talking Heads song from an alternate dimension, performed by a bizarro-world version of the band, who have half the talent, twice the fuzz pedals, and are fronted by David Byrne’s fictional idiot brother Malcolm.”

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