Track of the day #389: Secret Vaccine – For When I Arrive

“Do NOT listen to in daylight” was the first thing I was faced with when I originally came across Secret Vaccine‘s latest track ‘For When I Arrive‘. However, I didn’t exactly obey the rules apart from posting the track in the dark… The Germany based quartet are definitely honest when they say that “they will not exactly show you things you’ve never heard before” but give you “faith in your old aunt Indie rock”. ‘For When I Arrive’ is super catchy with punk-ish vocals, well placed backing vocals and superb energy in general. Secret Vaccine have combined a lot of seemingly obvious things, but have managed to craft their own style including a partly hip-hop/trip hop influenced break-down changing the whole thing up completely.

‘For When I Arrive’ is taken from Secret Vaccine’s latest album ‘SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE’ and according to the band it’s “music that sounds like the taste of the best kiss you’ve ever had”.

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