Live Review: Icebreaker Festival 2018 – Friday

We headed to Icebreaker Festival which took place across Albert Road and Elm Grove, Southsea last weekend to check out the first ever Friday evening of the event as well as the bands across the rest of the weekend. Friday evening was jam-packed full of bands playing across 8 venues for the largest metropolitan, unsigned music festival across the south of England.

Starting off at the One Eyed Dog (that seems to be a tradition for me now) Crxsses, an electro-pop duo were up first. The band are a bit on the more “pop” side than what I normally like, but always enjoyable nonetheless. Plus, any band who manages to drop an instrumental seamlessly mid-set, regardless of the genre of music, will never fail to impress me.

Calaveras live at Icebreaker Festival 2018
Calaveras live at Icebreaker Festival 2018

Previous to the festival last weekend, I’d been in most of the venues along Albert Road and some are more impressive than others. One I’d never been in though was the Royal Albert Pub, but it was cozy and the atmosphere was nice even if the fairy-lights did make it feel slightly Christmassy in February. The only problem being that the pub was showing the rugby at the time, which was seen as a distraction and turned off mid-gig, obviously not a problem for anyone watching the music, but any bands wanting to know the scores mid-set not so.

Calaveras, a band who we’re already familiar with despite not having any music online were the first band of the evening that I ended up seeing at the Royal Albert. The rock band with tracks which have various influences ranging from Britpop swagger to a more mellow psychedelic-side. There was something about Calaveras third to last track that was bugging me because it was just seemed too Kasabian-esque in one or two places. Fittingly, Calaveras then went into LSF by Kasabian and as covers go, they most certainly did it justice. Although I still managed to have that in my head two days and 16 bands later…

Minque live at Icebreaker Festival 2018
Minque live at Icebreaker Festival 2018

I rushed back to a quite packed out One Eyed Dog after this for Minque, although there were too many technical problems meaning they were running 10+ minutes late and therefore I could only catch two songs before making it back to the next band. Unfortunate, but I’m sure I’ll see the band again elsewhere another time because they were great last year and from what I briefly managed to catch this time around.

Marmalade Moonshine are a band that I’ve been meaning to see live for a long time now. Living up to expectations, the band gave a dynamic performance playing a set which was tinged with nostalgic hints of Britpop influence as well as stomping tunes alongside some more laid-back moments.

My evening finished on The Collision, a band who I’d heard promising things about for such a young band for a very long time that I had to see what the fuss was all about. Packing out the Edge of the Wedge, the band blasted through some energetic hits to a more than accommodating, reciprocative crowd.

Review of Icebreaker Festival 2018 – Saturday coming soon. In the meantime, you can find photos from both days of the festival here and here.

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