Let’s Take Five: An interview with Jigsaw Eyesore!

Jigsaw Eyesore are another band which we randomly stumbled across at Icebreaker Festival last year, but were rather impressed by. The Southampton based rock band wowed the crowd at Wedgewood Rooms following winning a Battle of the Bands competition. Almost a year on, we caught up with the band to talk playing live, working on new material, Bristol Thekla and the future!

Hi there! Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce Jigsaw Eyesore:

We are a four piece alt-rock band from Southampton. We’re influenced by strange time signatures, weird sounds and a lack of chorus’. We’ve been playing local venues for a few years and love sharing our music with people. We write music that we enjoy and if other people like it… Bonus!

You won Wedgewood Rooms ‘Battle of the Bands’ to play the venue at Icebreaker Festival last year and it was a pretty impressive gig! You’re back again this year, so what can we expect from your set?

We couldn’t believe we won the battle of the bands last year, it really was a shock! We got to play the Wedgewood rooms stage which was great! A lot has happened in the last year… Our bassist left us not long after Icebreaker Fest so we spent the bulk of last year working on new material with our new bassist Sam. He’s definitely brought his own influence to the band and we’re extremely excited to debut some new songs at ICEBREAKER 2018!

There are loads of great bands playing Icebreaker Festival this year. Is there anyone in particular that you’d also recommend catching across festival?

We’re big fans of Deltorers, so we’ll be catching their set for sure… We’re also looking forward to CLT DRP, Hercules Morse, The Diamond Age, Thieves By The Code and friends of ours Cyprian Sceptre will be high on the list too!

Where is somewhere that you’d love to play (regardless of whether it actually puts on live music gigs or not), but haven’t yet?

We’d like to play the THEKLA in Bristol! It’s a Freakin’ Boat! We’ve seen bands there before and It’s the coolest venue!

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming gigs and what have you got planned for 2018?

We have a couple of festivals lined up for the summer… We’re taking bookings for gigs! We’re also hoping to have done some recording by the end of the year!

We’d like to thank Jigsaw Eyesore very much for their time! Below you can find them on social media and also listen to their latest tracks on Soundcloud. Want to catch them live? They’re playing at Icebreaker Festival at The Loft on Saturday 3rd February at 19:30!

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