Track of the day #344: Yacht Punk – Existential Freakout

A more danceable, but nevertheless dark offering than Yacht Punk‘s previous offerings. ‘Existential Freakout‘ is a sharp, catchy tune which takes you on a turbulent journey. Experimenting with unusual percussion and backing vocals, the track is a unique combination of stereotypical rock energy alongside guitars lifted from post-punk. If we’d been familiar with the track at the time, I reckon this would’ve been one of our tracks of the year for last year.

Speaking of the track, Graham Bockmiller of the band has said: “We ended up using a bunch of strange and interesting sounds during the recording process. That’s something that Matt Wignall always brings to the table. We utilized bongo sounds from a Costa Rican percussionist, jangling cowbell, electronic samples, and an interview with a 90’s supermodel. As far as the theme of the song, ‘freakout’ is a term that has a negative connotation, but I wanted to try and change into something pleasurable. I wanted the song to have a frantic energy like you’re on the verge of an emotional meltdown, but then transforms into an enjoyable panic attack.”

Yacht Punk are set to release a brand new album in Spring this year, so watch this space.

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