Track of the day #324: Anteros – Bonnie

I may have been more distracted by singing along to this for the past 15 minutes rather than actually writing about it, but Anteros latest track ‘Bonnie‘ is a banger. A vibrant, confident track with oodles of energy throughout, ‘Bonnie’ starts off subtle before quickly becoming more brash. The track shows off everything that Anteros do best, mainly catchy, feel good tracks.

Speaking of the video, Laura Hayden of the band has said: “This is my first co-direct, it was so much fun being completely involved in the project from start to finish. We wanted to work towards something that ties the double AA side together. Love, equality and Women Power: working together instead of against each other. The video was choreographed by Darcy Wallace. We shot the video at the iconic Repton Boxing Club in London, and we could not have been more lucky with the team.”

Anteros are currently working on their debut album and are set to release more music towards the end of the year.

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