Live Review: The Slow Readers Club, The Garage, London

Last Friday (10th November) I headed off to see The Slow Readers Club at their largest, sold-out show outside of Manchester (the band’s hometown), a decision that I knew would not be one I’d regret. I’ve seen The Slow Readers Club previously at festivals, but only outdoors, in the daylight and always just a festival set so I was intrigued to see how they’d fair in a venue. Sure to say, they more than impressed not just me but I’m pretty certain everyone else in the room.

I hadn’t been to The Garage since its refurbishment, so was intrigued to be heading back to the venue also. Turns out it’s exactly the same as it ever was… But that’s a good thing as it’s been an ever-pleasant venue and this was no different.

Desperate Journalist supporting The Slow Readers Club live at The Garage, London 2017

Starting the evening off, London based post-punk band Desperate Journalist took to the stage. Their performance was dynamic and the band are by far one of the best support acts I’ve seen in a long while. With a somewhat sprightly stage presence in contrast to their music, front-woman, Jo Bevan’s vocals were both powerful yet delicate at the same time. The set was heavy with tracks from their second album ‘Grow Up’ which was released earlier this year with ‘Hollow’ being a particular highlight.

After one of the quickest set change-over times I’ve witnessed in a venue, The Garage was submerged to darkness other than screen lit with blue displaying the bands name. Occasional, various chants of “Readers! Readers!” filled the air before the quartet took to the stage.

The Slow Readers Club’s set contained a great mixture of tracks from both their albums as well as four brand new tracks including latest single ‘Lunatic‘ which was released just a few weeks back. With brooding vocals and as well as stomping basslines (and yes, the keyboards have returned since Birmingham), the band stormed through their set of electro-doom rock bangers with a stage presence of a band playing a venue two, maybe three times the size. With favourites such as ‘One More Minute’, ‘Plant The Seed’ and ‘Block Out The Sun’ dominating the main set, it was clear that it’s only a matter of time before the band are selling out larger venues in London.

The band clearly aren’t used to encores, but with a set of their calibre and selling out a venue of that size, it fit perfectly. The Slow Readers Club finished up with a mighty trio of tracks, ‘Calvacade’, ‘Forever In Your Debt’ and ‘I Saw A Ghost’ before the evening was out.

The band have just announced that they’ve sold out the remaining dates on their “Through The Shadows” tour, so consider yourself lucky if you are going to see them. However, this is certainly not the last you will have heard of The Slow Readers Club if this one performance is to go by.

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