EP Review: Teleman – Fünf

Teleman releasing music is always a good thing, especially when it’s either an EP or new single between albums. After two critically acclaimed albums, ‘Breakfast’ and ‘Brilliant Sanity’, the band are back with their long anticipated EP ‘Fünf’ which has been released today (17th November). Taking a different approach to normal, ‘Fünf’ (five in German) is an EP consisting of five tracks which have been produced by five different producers (Timothy J. Fairplay, Ghost Culture, Bullion, Oli Bayston – Boxed In and Moscoman).

EP opener ‘Spectre’ combines haunting synths and hypnotic guitars, enough to send a shiver down your spine, as well as having a slightly alien feel to it. On first listen, I thought that the intro could be more concise, but after a few more listens it fits like a glove. As the track builds, it keeps its repetitiveness and becomes a chaotic mess by the end. ‘Bone China Face’ is much more “Teleman” stylistically, but with a fuller, less minimal feel to it than what we’re used to. The track has catchy choruses and an interlude which is repetitive and moody, but erupts into something much more vibrant before the end.

Taking a more laid-back feel, next track ‘Rivers In The Dark’ is a bit hit or miss for me though and has parts which work for me, but other parts which feel like they should be part of another track. Beginning with a fanfare of drums which feels more like a marching band, the track quickly evolves into something quite laid back with vocals tinged with melancholy. Personally ‘Rivers In The Dark’ doesn’t quite work as well as the rest of the EP.

Contrasting ‘Rivers In The Dark’, ‘Repeater’ is a lot more anxious with springy, repetitive melodies that snap back at you harshly like an elastic band and a huge sense of urgency. It definitely grabs you and is very much intriguing. Bringing ‘Fünf’ to a close with something slightly moodier and tinged with a slight sadness. ‘Nights On Earth’ is constantly building with dampened, muffled guitars and vibrant steel pans before finally becoming something quite epic. You’ll be singing along by the end anyway.

‘Fünf’ is an EP full of tracks that will grow on you and then stick to you like glue before you know what’s happened. It’s a unique take on the standard EP format and one that has most certainly worked for Teleman. Would be intrigued to hear how it goes down live and also to see where this will take Teleman for future releases.

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