Fresh: Neek – But Why?

This isn’t 100% my thing, but it was the instrumentation throughout electronic-pop artist Neek‘s debut track ‘But Why?’ that hooked me. The harsh, repetitive vocals create a longing feel which is heightened by the brisk atmospheric soundscapes throughout the track. There’s an isolated feel to the track though and a loneliness that comes across through the peaks and troughs of chaos vs ambience. For a debut track, Neek has created something melancholic, yet beautifully haunting and unique in one.

Speaking of the track, Neek has said: “I was going through a breakup and in the first reflective months of panic, I kept trying to figure out why it happened and began to drive myself crazy. I couldn’t break the cycle of ‘why.’ At this point, I didn’t feel comfortable expressing this question out loud without feeling lame, so I started with Nasa Space sounds and the saddest synth patch I could find instead.”

“I reached out to my friend, Saro, to see if he had any voice memos I could sample and he sent me something he had free styled a day before, a short and sad melody with the lyrics ”why don’t you want me anymore.” ”

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