Album Review: Otherkin – OK

I first listened to Otherkin back in July and were impressed by the amount of energy exuded by one track alone. The Irish garage-rock band have had a huge year having supported The Amazons, The Dead Kennedy’s and even Guns ‘N’ Roses as well as having completed a headline tour. Fast forward to today, which is the release date their debut album ‘OK’ and Otherkin are just about to set out on a 40 date tour including gigs with Inheaven and headlining their own gigs across 15 European countries. The band might be a blast live, but does the album live up to expectations?

Album opener ‘Treat Me So Bad’ didn’t 100% impress me, but it did grab me to say the least. But there is something infectiously charming about ‘Come On, Hello’ which follows it. The track displays pop sensibilities, yet still has an obvious rock feel to it with driving guitars, but an also relaxed feel.

Ay, Ay‘ takes a more relaxed, but punky form regarding the vocals. It’s catchy with clean riffs and is generally chaotic towards the end. There’s a general urgency throughout ‘OK’ though especially regarding ‘Yeah, I know’ with its frantic guitars. It’s also there throughout ‘Feel It’ with its catchy,razor-sharp riffs and repetitiveness. ‘OK’ starts to feel a bit mundane by ‘Feel It’ though and this generally carries on until the end of the album with ‘Enabler’ and ‘Razorhead’ being low points on the album.

There’s a somewhat return to form in a jovial manner once we get to ‘Bad Advice’ which is carefree and even hyper in parts. ‘REACT’ follows on from this brimming with energy and not letting up throughout. ‘So So’ is a solid, heavier end to the album which combines all of the things that Otherkin are good at in one track.

‘OK’ displays a good amount of concise tracks which don’t outstay their welcome and are as blunt as the name suggests. I feel like most of these tracks would go down a lot better live, but it’s definitely an enthusiastic debut from Otherkin and one in which you can wonder where they will go next.

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