Fresh: Everything Everything – Desire

The last time I listened to Everything Everything was when ‘My Kz Yr Bf’ was featured on an NME Radar Playlist back in 2010. That playlist was probably the last good thing that the NME did, but it most certainly seems like it wasn’t the last good thing that Everything Everything did. The Manchester based indie quartet’s latest single ‘Desire‘ is a tune and a half. Whilst I’m not fond of the high-pitched vocals, the rest of the track is very much an ear-worm once it gets going.

‘Desire’ is minimal where it needs to be, highlighting front-man Jonathan Higgs vocals amongst lonely handclaps before building back into the explosive choruses. The breakdown just beyond the middle of the track is the best part, bringing warmth with its anxious guitar melodies and pleasant harmonies. The outro keeps you wanting more, well, at least it made me want to listen to it again and again!

Despite only knowing one of their first tracks and then this track, it seems that Everything Everything have kept to their core sound/values whilst creating something so much more concise. ‘Desire’ is a breath of fresh air.

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