Fresh: Document – Intermission

I feel like there’s a pattern forming, but this is the second track we’ve featured this week taken from an album which follows the theme of dis-connectivity, digital addiction and the repeating the void of modern life. ‘Intermission‘, the second single taken from Document‘s debut album is anything but monotonous. The track is a freeing of tension, if you like, a bubble bursting.

‘Intermission’ is a chaotic outburst of ferocious guitars throbbing throughout with liberating vocals. The track has an anxious feel to it regarding the instrumentation, but is very certain in its lyrics and vocal delivery. ‘Intermission’ is solid and even brutal in parts.

The track’s video depicts the band’s lead singer Nir Ben Jacob eating a falafel pita which is in reference of Document coming from Tel Aviv, Israel. The lyrics at the bottom of the track are on purposely different (we should have read that first, I was confused, whoops…) and are a representation of Nir’s thoughts instead of the actual lyrics.

Document’s debut album ‘The Void Repeats’ is set for release in September 2017.

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