Track of the day #257 : Retro Kid – Time Waster (feat. Emily Bolton)

Barman come musician Jake Juba’s solo project Retro Kid was conceived in response to his bar’s (Holberg No.19) regulars the ‘Holberg Crew’. The ‘Holberg Crew’ being a group of, now grown-ups attempting to once again live their younger years, despite now being successful and now middle aged.

Retro Kid’s latest track ‘Time Waster (feat. Emily Bolton)‘ itself turns its nose up at this sort of conformed lifestyle and the fact that money leads to happiness. It’s completely out there, sometimes industrial, sometimes robotic, but completely lucid at the same time. The instrumentation that is somewhat chaotic in comparison to the husky vocals keeping the track grounded. The varied beats and sometimes murky synths really add something unique to the track.

‘Time Waster’? I think not.

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