Track of the day #247 : Crooked Teeth – Mirrors

Crooked Teeth‘s debut track ‘Mirrors‘ is an absolute beast of a track.

Building throughout, ‘Mirrors’ is hypnotic, with repetitive, robotic analogue synths awash with contrasting reverb drenched melodies. Its industrial sound is something else and while the instrumentation feels melancholic, it’s a track which celebrates Crooked Teeth’s hometown, London’s colourful individuality. With a slight lull making you think its over, ‘Mirrors’ returns with a crescendo of sorts including before drawing to a close with the repetition of the lyrics “you’ll be like no one else”. This will be firmly in your head before long.

‘Mirrors’ makes me think of Delphic and even Bloc Party in parts, mainly due to the synth use and dark feel! But it’s a mighty debut track brimming with confidence and promise for the future of Crooked Teeth.

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