Track of the day #242 : Psymon Spine – Shocked

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Psymon Spine – Shocked

Coming from various musical backgrounds, it’s fair to say that it’s clear to see where Psymon Spine‘s eclectic, shifting sound emerges from. The band have just released their debut album ‘You Are Coming To My Birthday‘, which is a collection of experimental, way-out tracks with influences dipping in and out of various unusual genres.

Shocked‘ is a diverse range of musical oddities all combined together in a way that shouldn’t work, but it does. Combine exotic percussion with twinkling synths, alongside some peculiar vocals and a catchy whistled tune thrown in for good measure and you’ll end up at ‘Shocked’. It’s enticing and generally intriguing, so if you’re looking for something fresh and a bit different, make Psymon Spine your first port of call.


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