Track of the day #241 : Frankie Rose – Trouble

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Frankie Rose – Trouble

Set to release her fourth album ‘Cage Tropical’ in August this year, Frankie Rose has returned with the first single taken from the album ‘Trouble‘.

‘Trouble’ makes you feel like you’ve just stepped back into the 80’s. The track’s emphasis on razor sharp drumming and contrastingly airy, space-like vocals and out-of-this-world synth melodies. ‘Trouble’ travels along effortlessly, despite being nostalgic, adding a modern twist to nostalgic electronic music.

Also speaking of the track, Frankie has said: “Trouble¬†came out of the simple realization that you can’t outrun yourself or your problems. Wherever you go they will follow you unless you address them. I tried. Went to Los Angeles after years in New York and nothing much changed. 3000 miles was a long distance on the map, but it didn’t mean anything was going to shift automatically, unless I made the choice to do it internally.”

Frankie Rose is set to tour the UK in October and dates (including US tour dates) can be found here.


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