Fresh: The Killers – The Man

The Killers – The Man

dctbobfvoaaa7-qIt’s rare that I’ll listen to a track ten times in a row on first listen.

I’ll admit, I’ve not really paid too much attention to The Killers since their debut album. Probably wrongly to be fair, but they’ve just not appealed to me since. So when deciding to listen to their latest single ‘The Man’ on a whim, I definitely wasn’t expecting much, I definitely did not expect to be writing about it on here at the very least.

‘The Man’ is refreshingly different. It’s a huge step forward, a very pop, commercial move, but it’s been done in a stylish way and one that is admirable. It could’ve easily gone wrong and ended up as the next joke of a 00’s indie band, but it’s catchy, it’s charming and it’s an actual summer tune.

Ten times on and I’m still being caught out by the ‘hall of fame’ part!



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