Cymbals debut first track from upcoming album

📷 Emily Graham

Cymbals debut brand new single ‘Decay’!

Cymbals have debuted their new single ‘Decay’ which is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Light In Your Mind’ which is set for release at the end of August.

‘Decay’ is the first new music from Cymbals since their last album in 2014 and the band has changed over this time including a revolving door of members, until it was stripped back to the now duo.

Speaking of the track, Jack Cleverly of Cymbals has said: “At the time I wrote this, everything was changing in my life, and I was changing inside, and I started to look at the slow process of decay that is part of life.”

“I was reading ‘The Enigma of Arrival’ by VS Naipaul, which talks about the decay of an english estate. At one point he compares the landscape to his hometown in Trinidad, to the makeshift corrugated roofs there, and draws a parallel with the way he too sees beauty in a landscape that is slowly falling apart.”

Cymbals sophomore album ‘Light In Your Mind’ is set for release on August 25th and can be preordered here.


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