Track of the day #238: Seegulls – Eat, Lazarus, Eat

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Seegulls – Eat, Lazarus, Eat

Crafting their sound into something more frantic over the past year, Seegulls have recently returned with their latest single ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’. The Chester based, indie rock band combine standard guitar rock with occasional hectic chaos creating something rather unique to themselves.

Eat, Lararus, Eat’ has an angrier sound in comparison to the rest of Seegulls releases. With intense, sharp chugging riffs which have an anxious feel to them, the vocals, which become more furious towards the end, give the track a contrasting bold feel. A fearless return from Seegulls.

We spoke to Seegulls last month regarding the release of ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’ and you can read that here.



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