Let’s Take Five: An interview with Seegulls!

Chester’s latest export, Seegulls, are an indie rock band with a new single ‘Eat Lazarus Eat’ out very soon and a sound more frantic, even angrier than before. The band have gained a considerable live following over the past few years as well as receiving support from BBC Introducing Merseyside, Manchester and East Midlands.

We spoke to the band about their new single ‘Eat Lazarus Eat’, gig antics, food and the future! Read on to find out more…

Hi there! Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce Seegulls:

We are James Kitchen, Cash Burns, Matthew Carney, Ellis Lincoln and Joshua Goodyear, we’re based in Chester, we’re influenced by all music (as long as its sick) and we all like food lots.

Your latest single ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’ which is set for release next month, is a lot more frantic, a lot more concise and if anything, a bit more angry with a punk-ier edge than what we’re used to from Seegulls. Did anything or anyone in particular influence this change?

‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’ is effectively a blank canvas- it’s a conscious effort to sound like ourselves and move away from the breezy, easy listening indie rock music that our first EP flirts with. It’s influenced by bands like Japandroids, Future of the Left, QOTSA and of course, The Strokes. Lyrically, we always want the listener to draw their own conclusions but to give them a head start, it’s about food! (we love food)

You’ve supported bands like The Sunshine Underground, The Sherlocks, and CLAY as well as packing out rooms yourself around the country. You must have some strange gig/tour stories to tell at this point?

We’re allegedly banned from two venues across the country which doesn’t tell the full story because we’re all lovely guys! There was an unmanned drinks pump between the stage and our dressing room that we kind of abused and apparently it wasn’t meant for public consumption and we got thrown out of our own gig. Rock and roll through and through, us.

What originally sparked your interest to create music as a band?

A mutual love of The Libertines, staying up late and making loud noise!

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming tour dates and what have you got planned for the rest of 2017?

We’re headlining Chester’s Live and Local festival outside Alexanders on 28th May, he single is coming out on the 9th, we’ve got a massive headline show at Aatma, Manchester on 23rd June and supporting Wide Eyed Boy the next day in Chester. After that, we’re renewing ourselves, planning a new set and we’re gonna take the rest of the year and 2018 by storm.

Stay the fuck tuned though, good things happen out of nowhere it seems!

We would like to thank Seegulls very much for their time! You can follow the the band via social media on the links below and hear their previous single via Soundcloud below. The Seegulls next release ‘Eat Lazarus Eat’ will be out on 9th June, so stay tuned.


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