Let’s Take Five: An interview with FAERS!

FAERS latest single ‘Everything You Know’ is a funky, indie pop tune that quite literally sounds like it’s been built specifically to play at summer festivals. FAERS met at an indie club night in Uxbridge back in 2015 and have since gone on to support bands such as Jaws, Native People and The Cribs as well as selling out their own shows in London and Brighton.

We spoke with the band regarding ‘Everything You Know’, cameo’s from members of Pale Honey, the future and beyond!

Hi there! Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce FAERS:

We are FAERS we are based in Uxbridge west London (way). I am Steven on Vocals, we have Ryan on drums, Morgan and Sam on guitar and Alex on bass. We fit into a few genres, but psychedelic afro-funk tinged, indie rock is our favourite so far.

Your latest single ‘Everything You Know’ is a funky summer tune! Did your venture to Gothenburg to record the track as well as working alongside Anders Largerfors (Warner-affiliated producer) shape the sound of the track in any way?

We believe it did, working in Sweden with Anders was an amazing experience and one that has helped shape FAER future sound.

You’ve also got Pale Honey’s Tuva Lodmark providing vocals on the track. How did this come about?

Alex (Bass) came up with the idea, we had previously had Alex doing that part of the song. We knew Tuva through Anders and once she started singing on the track we were blown away.

You’ve played sold out gigs at some of London’s most loved venues such as Barfly (now Camden Assembly), The Borderline and have played headline gigs at both The Lexington and The Water Rats! If you could headline any London venue where would it be and why?

We have been very lucky to play such great venues and have such great support playing them. We are big fans of KOKO in Camden. Its a venue we have grown up going to for years and years. Its on the list to play one day!

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming tour dates and what have you got planned for the rest of 2017?

We are playing some fantastic shows over the summer, Tramlines festival and Camden Rocks festival looks fun so we are looking forward to playing these!

We would like to thank FAERS very much for their time! You can follow the band on social media via the links below and also hear their latest track via Soundcloud underneath!

FAERS tour dates:

May 12th – The Rocksteady, London
June 3rd – The Forge, Camden, London – Camden Rocks Festival
June 22nd – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield


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