Track of the day #227: Quiet Domino – Metropelium

Have you ever heard of a ‘Metropelium’? Nope, us neither until we came across this peculiar track by none other than San Fransisco based, Quiet Domino. A ‘Metropelium’ is a word that Mark Nelson of Quiet Domino actually made up himself by combining both the words ‘Metropolis‘ and ‘Mausoleum‘ together to describe “modern city experiences”. Interesting!

Back to the track itself though, it’s an experimental chaos in an organised manner. ‘Metropelium’ is eccentric, twisting and turning throughout, looping back to that same, longing melody here and there.

Speaking of the track, Mark Nelson has said:”The internet has become our Mausoleum of recycled Metropolitan culture. Our experience is ‘Metropelium’. Why do we continue to dance atop a cultural veneer?”

Quiet Domino currently plays as a one-man band making use of synths, vocal loops, guitars and a drum machine, only very occasionally being joined by other people on stage.

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