Track of the day #226: ROLEMODEL – Bilingual

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ROLEMODEL – Bilingual

ROLEMODEL are a Toronto based electronic, dream-pop band which was initially the solo project of musician/producer Jordan Allen, but has since expanded far beyond this. The track ‘Bilingual‘ is taken from the band’s latest album, ‘Before Then Was Now’ which was released back in 2013, which is old to be featured as our ‘Track Of The Day’, but I’ll explain why later.

‘Bilingual’ is definitely dreamy with slight soundscapes throughout giving the track an otherworldly mood. Occasionally the drums become more lucid throughout adding a sharp punch to the track and waking you up from ‘Bilingual’s calmness. It’s definitely a track that would take you somewhere else.

This post is in memory of Chris Tressler, a pillar of the shoegaze community and someone on Soundcloud whose feed I always went to when I was in need of something inspiring to listen to. He will be sorely missed.

In writing this, I then realised that the track isn’t actually that new, but it was taken from Chris Tressler‘s page and he’d posted it within the last few months, so thought it was fitting.


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