Fresh: Royal Blood – Lights Out

After last year’s single ‘Where Are You Now?’ leaving a lot to be desired, I was sceptical about Royal Blood’s latest offering ‘Lights Out’ has well and truly blown all my doubts out of the water.

It’s typically Royal Blood. A banger, loud, lucid, even provocative, but with a far funkier side to it, plus their trademark bass-licks and concise songwriting shining through with an advanced, fresh enthusiasm. It’s vigorous and keeps you well and truly hooked throughout. Although there’s something seemingly amiss with Mike’s voice? It’s not less powerful, that’s for sure… But I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong, apart from that it’s almost artificial in places.

I was dubious about where Royal Blood could actually go with a second album and truly believed that their debut, self-titled was a one off and that was that. But if the rest of the album lives up to ‘Lights Out’, then they’re definitely onto something and the “difficult second album phase” honestly hasn’t applied to them. I’m pleasantly surprised and despite being a fan of Royal Blood’s debut, I think this track will even appeal to those who weren’t such fans of the first offering.

Below you can hear exactly what I’m on about accompanied by a rather nightmare-ish video for Royal Blood’s latest single ‘Lights Out’. The band’s second album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ is out on June 16th.


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