Ventnor International Festival announces more bands towards 2017’s lineup

The Parrots, Moses Boyd and Cosmo Pyke have been added to the Isle of Wight’s first Ventnor International Festival in their latest announcement.

vif-festival-2-tobias-pennerThe festival which is set to take place for the first time this year across the most southernmost, most picturesque town of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight on the 11th August.

The above announced showcase the broad range of acts appearing at the event, including Madrid based, garage-rock band The Parrots, electronic musician Moses Boyd and singer-songwriter Peckham’s Cosmo Pyke.

The likes of Girl Ray, Bad Sounds, Happyness and Puma Blue are among others which have already been announced for Ventnor International Festival.

Ventnor International Festival is the Isle of Wight’s first metropolitan-style festival with venues ranging from, but not limited to a church, warehouse, rooftop and harbour.

The festival has been established by Ventnor’s own Ventnor Exchange record store and will coincide with the award winning art/film/music festival Ventnor Fringe Festival.

More information about Ventnor International and tickets can be found here.


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