Maxïmo Park’s Duncan Lloyd details new solo album ‘I O U O M E’.

Duncan Lloyd of Maxïmo Park’s has announced that his second solo album, ‘I O U O M E’ is set for release on 26th May.

Also announced today, the first single taken from Duncan Lloyd’s second solo album is ‘Heads Of The Bastille’ which can be heard below.

‘I O U O M E’ is said to work around themes such as the effort to escape self-destructiveness, division and the inevitable breakdown of certain relationships yet is still rich with melody, melancholy and wit throughout.

Speaking of the album, Duncan Lloyd has said: “From ‘Heads Of The Bastille’ onwards, these songs come from a more personal perspective and it’s fair to say there is a lot of longing in them. They were mostly written in motion, travelling on long journeys, often late at night when ideas tend to mutate & evolve in a way which is less black & white, where finer subtleties appear.”

‘I O U O M E’ also features Tom English (Maxïmo Park) on drums, and also additional vocals from Eternal Summers’ Nicole Yun.

The album can be pre-ordered via PledgeMusic with various bundles including lyric sheets which have been hand-written by Duncan Lloyd himself.

‘I O U O M E’ tracklisting:

1. The City Weeps
2. You Seem Confused
3. Heart In Delay
4. Being Frank
5. A Little Lit Up
6. Painters
7. Steel Pin Raindrops
8. Tomorrow’s Fires
9. Heads Of The Bastille
10. Really


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