Let’s Take Five: An interview with DANYE!

DANYE are a psychedelic, space pop, now-quintet Liverpool and their latest single ‘Happy One‘ was one of our tracks of the day last week. Having been seriously impressed with their sound, we decided to have a chat with them regarding the unique formation of ‘Happy One’, their hometown and the future.

Hi there! Firstly, so that our readers can know a bit more about you, please introduce DANYE:

mix it all up danyeSo in the band we have Dan West on vocals, Rhys Davies on the bass, Daniel Martindale on the pots and pans, Jordan Swales on guitar and last but not least, our shiny new synth player Gabby King!

We started out back in 2015 by playing covers in a bar that we all worked at in Liverpool. As time went on, everyone got sick of hearing our lacklustre covers so we decided to start recording and playing our own music.

Probably the closest thing you’ll get to describing our sound is slightly skewed pop music, but the description we hear seems to change every other month –  the current favourite seems to be ‘space pop’. We quite like that people can’t put their finger on our sound though as it keeps things interesting for us.

Your latest single ‘Happy One’ is, uniquely, about “trying to find a table in a busy restaurant”. When writing music, do themes like this come about first or after the song has got a main structure?

With Happy One, Dan M pretty much had a finished demo of the song on his laptop, then the rest of the song followed from us all playing in the studio and in the room together. It usually depends on who’s writing the song, but as time goes on we’re collectively working on everything together more and more. Normally the music comes first then lyrics come last. Recently, though, Dan’s been approaching the songs from a more lyrics-first perspective which is working pretty well.

Typically, he will come up with his own vocal melodies etc, but we all decide the progression and parts of each song together. They never remain fixed either, as we change each song constantly, even during recording. They all tend to evolve accidentally rather than deliberately.

How would you describe the music scene in Liverpool right now?

The music scene in Liverpool is very healthy; there are a lot of great bands around doing interesting things. Being part of it is very exciting, but it can be hard as an unsigned band. That isn’t to detract from what we have going on here though, it’s a privilege to have the platform we do, and we’ll just keep working at our material and see what happens.

How is your personality as a band reflected in your music?

We all have different tastes, but we also share a common sphere of influence, and our music tends to encompass all these different ideas. We’re all open-minded and interested in exploring other things to develop our sound and see what we can do together. The EP we’re going to be realising in the next couple of months has a distinct vibe, but it’s not necessarily one we’ll stick to as we want to expand our horizons as we find new ways to play together.

Finally, have you got anything to share regarding upcoming tour dates and what have you got planned for the rest of 2017?

Gabby recently joined so we’re all super excited to start working together and to explore the new musical avenues that another member can bring. This, and our EP, are our main focus at the moment, but we’ve also got a lot of new songs floating around, as well as a few shows to play around town in-between recording. It’d be good to tour the EP and play in some other cities to try something new, as we’ve been wanting to play outside of Liverpool for a while.

We thank DANYE very much for their time! You can hear their latest single ‘Happy One’ below as well as follow them via social media via the links below.


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