Track of the day #221: Crystal Cities – Who’s Gonna Save Us Now

Crystal Cities are a Sydney based post-punk trio whose latest single ‘Who’s Gonna Save Us Now‘ is taken from the bands debut EP of the same name which was released just last month. The band self-describe their music as “Dream Rock that sounds like Death Cab For Cutie had a War On Drugs with The Beatles”, which to an extent, pretty much captures their sound perfectly.

‘Who’s Gonna Save Us Now’ is just as much melancholic as it is actually dreamy with a main guitar riff that’s rather colourful and lively in comparison. Overall, the track is rather relaxing with a faint twinkle of guitars here throughout the remainder of the track and a splash of breathy, hazy vocals there.


2 thoughts on “Track of the day #221: Crystal Cities – Who’s Gonna Save Us Now

    • April 8, 2017 at 3:39 pm

      It’s a great track! A friend recommended them to me about a week ago and I’ve played it quite a bit since!


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