Tracks of the week #212 – #217

Here are Mix It All Up‘s tracks of the week (beginning 27/03/2017) including the likes of Hannah Lou Clark, LT Wade, Horsebeach and more!

You can find our full playlist of our tracks of the week from March 2017 by clicking here.

#212: Hannah Lou Clark – Matilda

Hannah Lou Clark‘s latest EP ‘The Heart And All Its Sin’ came out just last Friday and latest single ‘Matilda‘ a track taken from it. ‘Matilda’ is compelling, with an grungy, almost haunting chorus which has abrasive, urgent instrumentation, completely contrasting against her luscious vocals. But it works, and it makes ‘Matilda’ a confident, sassy rock track in its own right. Hannah Lou Clark is shortly heading out on a headline UK tour in April.


#213: Two Islands – Heaven

Two Islands debut track ‘Heaven‘ seems to be going down a storm at the moment. The sparkly, glimmering synths float amongst the dazzling handclaps and groovy basslines throughout the track. ‘Heaven’ is a rather cheerful track and quite a contagious pop melody! ‘Heaven’ is the bands debut track and we’re definitely looking forward to hearing more from them in the future!


#214: Horsebeach – The Highest Place

Horsebeach are a Manchester based indie/dream-pop band and their latest track ‘The Highest Place‘ is taken from their current album ‘Beauty & Sadness’ which was released just over a week ago. You can almost feel a sadness or a longing throughout ‘The Highest Place’. Despite being quite melancholic, the delicate guitar melodies and chirpy bassline give the track a refreshing feel. The band are currently touring the UK, with upcoming dates including London, Birmingham, Leeds among others in April.


#215: MELLAH – Old Friend

MELLAH are a South London based experimental, dream-pop band. Their latest track ‘Old Friend‘ is hypnotic in a sense with pudgy, pliable guitar sounds doused in reverb flowing throughout the track. MELLAH are releasing their new EP in May 2017 after having wiped their previous music from the internet back in February 2016.


#216: LT Wade – Hard To Know

LT Wade is a now California based English solo musician. When reading  LT Wade, I honestly found it hard to believe that ‘Hard To Know‘ is actually his debut solo single! ‘Hard To Know’ is pretty much sublime, with dreamy guitars and gentle, otherworldly vocals. LT Wade was once a live session musician for Courtney Love, was also part of Lord Auch with member of Black Wire and formed FURS.


#217: The Death Of Pop – Pain Is Needless

A late addition to this weeks tracks of the week… But we just found out that The Death Of Pop are back with a brand new incredible track, ‘Pain Is Needless‘. With quick, anxious guitar melodies and an urgency to it, ‘Pain Is Needless’ is jangly, pop-y and just generally a sunny, feel-good track overall.



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