Tracks of the week #205 – #211

Here are Mix It All Up‘s tracks of the week (beginning 20/03/2017) including the likes of The Assist, No Vacation, Hunck and more!

You can find our full playlist of our tracks of the week from March 2017 by clicking here.

#205: The Assist – Wonderful

We spoke to Birmingham based quartet, The Assist back in November regarding their then latest single ‘Tell Her How You Feel‘ and we’ve been keen to hear more from the band ever since! Their latest track ‘Wonderful‘ does indeed live up to its name… The Assist have proved once again that they can write a dazzling pop track which still has indie-rock sensibilities shining through.


#206: No Vacation – Mind Fields

No Vacation are back from their year long hiatus with latest track ‘Mind Fields‘. The track is partially repetitive, but has a warm, summery vibe going for it and you can almost feel the longing for summer in the instrumentation alone. The carefree, unique vocals have a sentimental feel to them bringing a sadness to the track.


#207: Hunck – Little Woman

North London based, self-penned “Sob Rock” band Hunck recently released their latest, track ‘Little Woman‘. The track has a snazzy, melodic bassline running through it which compliments the nifty, main guitar riff and static strumming. In places, it has an edginess reminiscent of the likes of Franz Ferdinand.


#208: KEEL HER – Stories

Stories‘ is the latest track by London-based solo musician, Rose Keeler-Schäffeler, better known as Keel Her. The track is pretty straight to the point, it’s quick, it’s catchy and it’s carefree. The sweet vocals are contrasting in comparison to the very lo-fi, monotonous guitar riffs and solos.


#209: Blankenberge – We

Blankenberge are a Russian, shoegaze band whose latest track ‘We‘ is actually magical. It’s atmospheric, reverb drenched and even has a cinematic feel about it. The drumming and even the structure of ‘We’ in general reminds me of the likes of Explosions In The Sky, plus other post rock instrumental bands including Inventions and God Is An Astronaut. Although this track does have vocals, but they’re very indecipherable, but it works as the music in general does the talking.


#210: Goon – Cammie at Night

Goon have a rather low profile regarding social media, so the only information I can find about them is that the band are a four-piece based in Los Angeles. The band self-described their music as “soul searching, planet hopping, comfort cultivating, GOOD TIME MUSIC” and that’s pretty much how it sounds. Goon’s latest track ‘Cammie at Night‘ is mellow with a casual feel to it, it’s laid back with layers of overlapping and interlocking melodies throughout.

#211: SPACEFACE – Cowboy Lightning

Spaceface are a Memphis based psychedelic rock/pop band. Their latest track ‘Cowboy Lightning‘ is literally the epitome of modern psychedelic music. It might not be an 100% original sound, but the track is incredibly pleasing on the ears with chugging, hazy riffs and breezy, out of this world vocals. Spaceface’s sound could easily be likened to or even be described as a combination of both Tame Impala and more recently, The Vryll Society.


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