Tracks of the week #201 – #204

Here are Mix It All Up‘s tracks of the week (beginning 13/03/2017) including the likes of Fehm, Himalayas, Useless Cities and R.Missing!

You can find our full playlist of our tracks of the week from March 2017 by clicking here.

#201: Fehm – I Scared, I Stiff

Fehm are a Leeds based, post punk, now-quintet who released their latest EP ‘Circadian Life‘ just a few months ago. ‘I Scared, I Stiff‘ is the first track taken from the EP and is full of airy synths, rumbling basslines and a general sense of gloom. Fehm’s sound could easily be compared to the likes of peers/contemporaries such as Eagulls.


#202: Himalayas – Thank God I’m Not You

Himalayas are back with an insanely catchy new track ‘Thank God I’m Not You‘ and it’s the Welsh indie rock bands strongest track to date. The boundless energy exuded from ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ is admirable, as well as being alluring and jam-packed with self confidence. Himalayas clever, charming lyrics shine through once again alongside their clean-cut, angular guitar melodies and riffs throughout.


#203: Useless Cities – New Feelings

Useless Cities are a multi-national, London based rock band and ‘New Feelings‘ is the latest track from the band. It features jangly, haunting guitars which are are joined by sweet piano lines throughout the track. The choruses feature contrasting, almost sickly vocals in contrast to the rumbling, strummed guitars and the male/female vocals give the track a unique edge.


#204: R. Missing – Unsummering

Unsummering‘ is the title track taken from experimental, electronic New York based artist, R. Missing‘s newly released EP. The track makes use of varied, moving, shimmering guitars accompanied by musky, bleak vocals and processed, mobile drum beats.



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