Tracks of the week #189 – #194

Here are our tracks of the week (starting 27/02/2017) including the likes of Amber Arcades, SPINN, Lea Porcelain and more!

You can find our full playlist of our tracks of the week from February 2017 by clicking here.

#189: Amber Arcades – It Changes

Amber Arcades is the alias of Dutch, multi-instrumentalist, Annelotte De Graaf. ‘It Changes‘ is the first brand new release since her debut album ‘Fading Lines’ came out just last June. We’d been looking forward to a new release since the album, and ‘It Changes’ definitely does not disappoint. The track is upbeat, rather carefree and lively with a rather playful edge to it.


#190: Lea Porcelain – Bones

Lea Porcelain are a London/Berlin based band whose latest single ‘Bones‘ was released just over two weeks ago. It’s gloomy, it’s fuzzy, melancholic with powerful vocals, whilst still being quite atmospheric and dreamy. ‘Bones’ is incredibly airy and it’s easy to get absorbed by its charm.


#191: SPINN – Home

We were a fan of SPINN’s last single ‘Bliss‘ so were sure to check out ‘Home‘ which is set for release this Friday. SPINN are a four-piece, dream-pop band from Liverpool. ‘Home’ is a more solid effort from the band, expanding their sound with a more lucid approach to their otherwise dreamy sound.


#192: Family Friends – I’m Like You

Family Friends are a brother/sister duo who are based between London and Melbourne. ‘I’m Like You‘ is a partially lo-fi and very easy going track taken from their latest EP ‘Look The Other Way’ which was released this month. The track is jangly, summery and warm, plus it radiates mellow vibes throughout.


#193: Sun Airway – FOAM

Rising from a four year hiatus, Sun Airway are a Pennsylvanian duo whose track ‘FOAM‘ is taken from the band’s latest album ‘Heraldic Black Cherry’ which was released just last year. It’s jangly, dreamlike and very airy throughout, shimmering and twinkling. The track has a definite, clear, good feeling about it.


#194: RINSE – With You

With You‘ is a track released by RINSE, a  Stoke-on-Trent based, indie quartet. ‘With You’ combines stereotypical indie-rock riffs and hooks whilst being drowned in reverb in places, feeling considerably grunge-y throughout. The track also features hints of heavier rock music which, surprisingly, works rather well in contrast.


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