Happyness, Girl Ray and Her’s amongst acts announced for the first Ventnor International Festival

Ventnor International Festival have just announced Happyness, Girl Ray, Her’s, Elder Island, Bad Sounds and Puma Blue for the Isle of Wight’s first metropolitan festival.

vif-festival-2-tobias-pennerCommencing on 11th August, 20 bands are set to play across the city in a range of unusual venues from churches to rooftops and warehouses.

The first Ventnor International Festival (VIF for short) takes place in the Isle of Wight’s most southernly city and is the first metropolitan, city-based festival to grace the shores of England’s biggest island.

VIF is the brainchild of the team behind the Ventnor Exchange and the award-winning Ventnor Fringe Festival, which coincides with VIF, hosts a range of theatre, film, visual arts and comedy across various pop-up venues.

Tickets for the festival are just £25 and are available for purchase here.


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