EP Review: High Hazels – Weak Sun

High Hazels have been on my own radar for a while since listening to their debut, self-titled album at the end of 2014. The Sheffield based, dream-pop quartet have since released their ‘Weak Sun’ EP just this week, revealing exactly what they’ve been up to since.

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Anticipation builds from a quite isolated intro during ‘Joined At The Lip’. The track twists and turns, building and then erupts into rather fine choruses throughout. The track comes and goes a lot, then drifts away by the end. It could probably be more concise overall, but it’s definitely a strong opening track.

Debut single from the EP, ‘Sequin Eyes’ is another high point with rather charming with twinkling melodies combined with reflective, echo laden guitars guitars. It has an air of darkness about it, even a melancholic edge to it by the glistening end of the track.

The EP, starts to become much more gloomy by appropriately named ‘Pitch Black Night’. The track starts out atmospheric with layers of reverb soaked melodies which are soon joined by the crooning vocals of James Leesley. ‘Pitch Black Night’ is almost waltz-y including even a faint glimmer of a wurlitzer which stands out lucidly against the gloom of the track.

Out of the whole EP, ‘Blue Morning’ feels like a closing track as it completely slows down the pace with just vocals and an acoustic guitar. Overall, the track is delicate and burning with emotion in just less than two minutes. Moving quickly into what is the final track on the EP, ‘Wild Waves’ actually feels like a more complete track in comparison to the previous. Lyrically, ‘Wild Waves’ is actually quite moving.

Overall, the first two tracks on the EP stand out as rosy in comparison and it gradually grows darker throughout. ‘Weak Sun’ has high points, but drifts a bit throughout before setting like the sun. It works though, and despite the name, it’s anything but weak.


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