An interview with Pizza For The People!

Pizza and music are two of our favourite things, so the thought of them combined made us hungry to know more. Indie Banquet III is the latest instalment of gigs put on by Leeds based promotors, Pizza For The People combining the likes of food with music in unusual spaces.

Indie Banquet III is set to take place on 25th February at Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds with bands on the bill such as Mouses, Deadwall, Leeches, Lumer and Table Scraps. Previous Indie Banquets have included some of our personal favourites alongside Team Picture, Trash, La Bête Blooms and The Orielles.

We caught up with Julia and Ryan from Pizza For The People to find out more about the food, music and venues involved in Indie Banquet.

indie-banquet-3_webWhere did the inspiration for combining food (mainly pizza!) with music come from?

Well, we love to go to plenty of gigs and we often have our tea out before heading to a venue so we decided why not put the two things in one space all at the same time as there aren’t many places to do this and some of our greatest musical experiences have happened after eating a pizza!

You put gigs on in less commonly used spaces in Leeds and this time it will be held at Hyde Park Book Club. How do you choose the venues in which you hold these events?

That’s right, we love to support independent venues such as Hyde Park Book Club. The venues that we choose definitely have a quirky vibe that we love about them and which draws us to them but it’s also the people behind them. They are all really great people and are keen to support small promoters like us and give us a space to develop along with giving the bands we choose a platform too. What’s important is finding venues we think suit the ideas we are trying to put across and are interesting spaces to put gigs on in.

If you could sum up Indie Banquet III in three words, what would they be and why?

That’s a hard one but we will go with – Moreish, grub & noise because both the food and the bands we hope leave people wanting more.

Can you settle a debate for us? Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay?

Well this is a debate that will probably rage on as there are two of us here at Pizza For The People, Ryan & Julia. Ryan is okay with a pineapple on a pizza, whilst Julia loathes the idea of this fruit and cheese mix!

Of all the bands playing Indie Banquet III, who are you most excited about?

We are excited about all the bands playing Indie Banquet III for different reasons, so we couldn’t answer who we are most excited about as they are all great. Mouses debut album was one of our favourite albums of 2016; Deadwall are a band we can’t wait to hear more from; Leeches are making their first trip up north as a band and have an incredibly addictive single called ‘Inside Voices’ so we are pleased that we could bring them to the party; Table Scraps have had a host of great support slots in the last year or so and have supported one of our favourite bands including Fat White Family. And Lumer? Well those dudes are from a great crop of bands coming out of Hull right now doing great things with alternative music.

Indie Banquet II at Wharf Chambers last year. Photo by Georgia Richards.
Indie Banquet II at Wharf Chambers last year. Photo by Georgia Richards.

If each band playing was a particular pizza topping, who would be what?

Mouses – Chilli because they would spice up any gig with their energetic performances.

Leeches – It’s got to be Anchovies. These guys hail from Bournemouth so remind us of the salty sea and have a thirst-quenching style about them!

Deadwall – Egg because eggs are something that you don’t often get on a pizza but once you’ve had one you know you want more which is the same for Deadwall’s tunes.

Table Scraps – Donner Meat as you feel dirty after eating it but we’d never regret having it. Table Scraps have some dirty guitar fuzz going on but we’d never regret hearing it.

Lumer – Spinach and black olives because they have a dark and raw style with strong bass lines that draw you into their tunes and spinach makes you strong like Popeye.

And finally, as it’s still early days in 2017, what’s in store for Pizza For The People/Indie Banquet for the rest of 2017?

Well we have some more Indie Banquets lined up with some more great talent that we can’t wait for people to hear and discover along with some delicious food traders that will blow your minds. We’re also planning something big for our first birthday in October but that’s all we are gonna say on that one for now!!!

We thank Pizza For The People very much for their time! You can purchase tickets at just £7.50 for Indie Banquet III at Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds by clicking here.


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