Track of the day #166: Keroscene – Like The First Time

Like The First Time‘ is the first of two singles recorded by London based quartet, Keroscene that are set for release early this year following the success of their last single, ‘I Can’t Do A Thing’.

The band’s latest track ‘Like The First Time’ is based around feelings of loneliness and attempts to give a message of reassurance to people who are feeling at their worst from being alone. The track is gloomy, brooding, with chugging distorted riffs and ends up as a fuzzy wall of chaos.

Speaking of the track, the band have said: “With all our modern distractions and the need to be constantly connected, people have grown uncomfortable with being by themselves, alone in silence. We may all belong to our society and feel the need to connect with others but ultimately, you will leave just as you came in; by yourself”


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