Part 2 : 15 Tracks you shouldn't have missed this year!

Following on from our part one of our 15 tracks you shouldn’t have missed in 2016 feature yesterday that included the likes of Teleman, Jaws, We Are Scientists, Kassassin Street and White Lies. Here is part two of tracks you definitely should not have missed across 2016!

As promised, you can also find a Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post with all 15 tracks listed!

This list is in no particular order…

Eagulls – Skipping

Sulk – The Tape Of You

Sad Palace – Rainbow Melt

WHARVES – It’s You

New Today – Wish

Blossoms – Cut Me And I’ll Bleed

Team Picture – Birthday Blues

Diiv – Under The Sun

Have we missed any? Do you agree? Do you disagree and think this is the worst list you’ve ever seen? (We sure hope not with the last question, haha!) Let us know! We’d love to know your thoughts too!

<<< You can find part one of our top tracks of 2016 by clicking here.

All the tracks (minus New Today’s track, but you can hear that above) can be found and listened to in a handy Spotify playlist below!

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