Part 1 : 15 Tracks you shouldn't have missed this year!

Following on from our top 8 albums of 2016… Here is our list of 15 tracks you definitely shouldn’t have missed in 2016! I’m happy to say that there are quite a few in here that have been featured as our track of the day over the course of 2016 too!

As you’ll know if you read our top albums of this year post, we like to have a mixture of both established and upcoming artists as to keep it representative of exactly what we’ve been listening to most!

I was being far too harsh with these lists originally, then I was too soft with it and it ended up with over 50 tracks at one point… So in the end, I decided on having just one track by each artist to keep it short, but sweet (I’m still not fully decided even in writing this bit, oh help!) This post has been split into two parts with the second part being posted tomorrow. A full Spotify playlist will also be available with all 15 tracks from tomorrow!

This list is in no particular order…

We Are Scientists – Buckle


Teleman – Glory Hallelujah


Man Made – Raining In My Head


Portrayal – Solecism


Jaws – Right In Front Of Me


Kassassin Street – Do or Die



White Lies – Morning In LA



Have we missed any? Do you agree? Do you disagree and think this is the worst list you’ve ever seen? (We sure hope not with the last question, haha!) Let us know! We’d love to know your thoughts too!

Continue to part two of our top tracks of 2016 here >>>

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