8 Albums you shouldn't have missed in 2016!

In a year that’s going to be remembered for many losses (if I was to write a list here on that, I’d be sat here until next Christmas!) we’ve got the positive of having gained a lot in great new music. That being albums and tracks by already established artists and debuts by many newer bands/musicians.

I’ve never had the right place to post an “end of year list” until now, but I’ve always wanted to do one of these lists.  I’m honestly not even ashamed to say that I started writing this list back in April! That was mainly due to the amount of great albums that came out around April/May though this year though!

But before I end up rambling on about lists, I must say that it’s not actually in any order to these lists, but there has been a lot of consideration as to who would or who wouldn’t be included.

So for starters, here is Mix It All Up’s first “end of year list” which includes our top eight favourite albums of 2016! To be followed by our top 15 tracks of 2016 and our top live performances from 2016.

Mix It All Up’s top 8 albums of 2016:

1. Teleman – Brilliant Sanity

Breakfast or Brilliant Sanity? Brilliant Sanity or Breakfast? I can’t decide anymore since seeing/hearing Teleman play tracks from this album live and I should probably stop trying to decide between them! I honestly didn’t think anything could live up to their debut to start with and was even sceptical about the album at first… But I was proven wrong as Brilliant Sanity is a rather fantastic second album full of catchy indie-pop tracks.

Stand-out tracks: Glory Hallelujah, Melrose and Düsseldorf.

2. Telegram – Operator

I saw Telegram live a few years back (too long ago!) and had a setlist of theirs on my wall for a while which had a few tracks on it that ended up on this album that I couldn’t for the life of me remember. Was so glad when Operator was finally released to hear some of these tracks again! Overall a great album throughout.

Stand-out tracks: Rule Number One, Regatta and Folly.

3. We Are Scientists – Helter Seltzer

We Are Scientists have been a band that have continually impressed me live and otherwise for the best part of 10 years now. Helter Seltzer hasn’t changed that and ever since I first heard ‘Buckle’, I knew it was going to be part of this list. I probably should mention that this album also spawned some of the best music videos of this year as well…

Stand-out tracks: Buckle, Want For Nothing and In My Head.

4. Man Made – TV Broke My Brain

TV Broke My Brain was highly anticipated for me after having seen the band live quite a few times back in 2015, particularly supporting Johnny Marr. Overall, Man Made‘s debut lived up to all expectations and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future!

Stand-out tracks: Raining In My Head, You Never Know How It Feels and Plastic Key To Living.

5. White Lies – Friends

White Lies have been one of my favourite bands for the last 8 years and they’re a band who never disappoints. Friends has been a grower for me as I ended up listening to it far more once I’d finally got to see them live and hear the tracks in person. Fell in love with this album and it’s rarely been off my iPod/CD player/Spotify since.

Stand-out tracks: Morning In LA, Is My Love Enough and Come On.

6. Sulk – No Illusions

I was actually recommended to listen to Sulk by one of Frankie and the Heartstrings two years or so ago, but I forgot to listen to them until late last year. Sulk turned out to be fantastic though, so it was my loss overall! Their latest album, No Illusions illustrates my point perfectly about how great they are though. They’ve matured themselves into a fresh, yet nostalgic sound and there isn’t one bad track on the album.

Stand-out tracks: Drifting, Past Paradise and Black Infinity (Upside Down).

7. Eagulls – Ullages

I bought Eagulls debut going to see Franz Ferdinand live with Eagulls as support a few years ago. Fell in love with their sound there and then, plus I went on to enjoy their set that evening. Fast forward two years to their second album Ullages, which sees the band mature into a mellower sound, but solidifies them as one of the best modern post punk bands around today.

Stand-out tracks: Psalms, Lemontrees and Record Skipping.

8. Blossoms – Blossoms

I had quite a bit of a love/hate relationship with Blossoms music up until the release of this album and ‘Charlemagne‘ was such an ear-worm that I ended up getting sick of it at the time, unfortunately. But as albums go, their self-titled is a solid debut album.

Stand-out tracks: Charlemagne, Cut Me and I’ll Bleed and Blow.


I quite liked the idea of rather than just naming these lists “Mix It All Up’s end of year list” (How bland! Bleurgh…) to keep it in the theme of our “you cannot miss” festival previews that we’ve written across the year. I also wanted these lists to be an accurate representation of what we’ve been listening to across the year, so there’s a good mix of established and upcoming bands in there.

Do you agree? Do you disagree and think this is the worst list you’ve ever seen? (We sure hope not with the last question, haha!) Let us know! We’d love to know your thoughts too!

Our top tracks of the year list will be released very soon, so keep your eyes pealed!

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