Track of the day #148 : Jaws – Right In Front Of Me

I know this track’s been around for a few months now, but I’ve just got around to listening to Jaws latest album in full and therefore only just started to appreciate the beauty of this track.

Right In Front Of Me‘ is a slight departure from the more atmospheric sound Jaws had created for themselves on their debut ‘Be Slowly’ (out 2014). While not departing from this completely, the track is melancholic, but yet rather upbeat and more brisk, tempo-wise in comparison to their previous music. The track builds up from being fairly mellow to an anthemic ending full of lush guitar rhythms and delicate melodies.

You can listen to ‘Right In Front Of Me’ by Jaws below via Youtube. Their latest album, ‘Simplicity’ was released last month and is available for purchase digitally here. The band also recently announced three April 2017 shows in Manchester, London and Oxford.


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