Track of the day #145 : Team Picture -Potpourri Headache

Leeds based Team Picture released ‘Potpourri Headache‘ yesterday, this being the last of their three self-released singles this year. The first of which was ‘Birthday Blues‘ in which was also our track of the day earlier this year.

Even if I’d never heard of Team Picture, I’d have listened to the track just based on the name being ‘Potpourri Headache’ to be honest! The track builds up quite slowly, quite carefully and instrumentally until the sweet, delicate vocals kick in that contrast with the fuzzy guitar rhythms. But the instrumentation picks up as the track coasts along, building with lush, distorted melodies.

You can listen to ‘Potpourri Headache’ below via Soundcloud and also find the band on both Facebook/Twitter. The band have upcoming live dates this month in both Leeds and Hull, as well as two Yorkshire dates in February and are also set to play Live At Leeds festival in April.

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