Track of the day #141 : Sad Palace – Breeze

Sad Palace have had a rather busy month, supporting the likes of both Teleman, Kassassin Street and releasing two tracks, the second of which being ‘Breeze‘. This track is the second side of the upcoming cassette release of ‘Rainbow Melt‘ which was our track of the day earlier this month as well.

Having seen Sad Palace live twice within the last month, personally, I prefer the live version of this track… So if you do get the chance to see them live, definitely make sure you do because you won’t regret it. But ‘Breeze’ has a feel-good, yet relaxed feel to it and is drenched with delicate guitar melodies and has a general warmth to it throughout. The minute long breakdown in the middle of the track is also something else completely!  One thing I love about Sad Palace’s music is that it’s straight to the point and the way the tracks end are rather abrupt, always making you want to hear more.

You can listen to ‘Breeze’ by Sad Palace below and also pre-order it as part of the Rainbow Melt/Breeze cassette which is set for release next month. You can find the band on both Facebook and Twitter.

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